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What is Mining Hosting Service?

We provides a one-stop solution for purchasing, managing and deploying miners. You can choose hosting service after you purchase your mining equipment from us. We’ll get it run your miners immediately in our mining farm which maintained 24/7 by our professional support team.

You only need to pay a monthly nominal electricity fee, starting at

  • ¥14/KwH for general users with a minimum of 10 miners,
  • ¥13/KwH for reseller crypto hosting
  • ¥11/KwH for our Mining Farm private crypto investors.

There are no additional charge for the hosting service and network maintenance. The total bill will be sent to you one week before the commencement of hosting period, at the beginning of the first hosting month, and payment needs to be cleared within 7 ~ 10 days.

You need to submit the following mining setting info to us when completing full payment of your order:

  • cryptocurrency you want to mine
  • wallet address
  • mining pool

Your miner will start running within 1-3 days after delivery, and you can check your hashpower and mining income through your mining pool link. If you got any problem you can contact our customer service at our mining farm.

Why you should host with us ?

1. Ideal Climate:

Our Data farm is located in South Asia, which has an ideal climate for cryptocurrency miner hosting! The environment, air quality, and humidity conditions are relatively better than other places.

3. Low and Stable Electricity: The abundance of hydroelectricity and sun, makes our location perfect for providing hosting services. We signed long-term contract with local government and can get very good electrical resources. Additionally Zen4 mining farm is interconnected to a 46Mw solar mining farm and waste center. We operate renewable and green energy.

The cost is provided in Japanese Yen

Electricity Cost Calculator

2. Large Mining Farm Space: Our Cryptocurrency Mining Farm can host up to 20000+ mining equipment. We accept all types of rigs, from GPU to Asic miners. Our megawatt data center is built from the ground up to meet the specific power and cooling needs of your gear.
4. Excellent Monitoring & Security: Your hardware is secure in our facility. We provide high level security systems, redundant CCTV, fire protection, full insurance including client machines. monitoring network and automation system available.

Zen4 Hosting Terms

After the user choose the product and complete the purchase, the user has agreed to the following mining group purchase terms. The miner recharges and orders the JPStream self-operated mall, the fee includes the cost of the mining machine + logistics freight, the mining machine can choose to receive the goods directly. You can also choose to host under our team to form a group to mine, recommend models such as StrongU, Whatsminer, Antminer, Avalon, Zeon and so on.

  1. The cost includes a single mining machine + logistics freight
  2. Pre-paid one month electricity bill: electricity consumption per kWh = (mining machine measured power consumption +/-5% share power consumption)

    • *14 (14.593 JPY/kWh) Japanese Yen/kWh tax included.
    • *13 (13.267JPY/kWh) Japanese Yen tax included as a special price is allowed for our reseller at with multi miners contract approved.
    • *11JPY  (11.212JPY/kWh) for our private crypto investors. 
      There are no other fees such as shelf fees. The escrow period is 1 year;
  3. Our technical staff puts the mining machine on a shelf within 7-10 days and configures the mining machine with the name of the designated mining pool and worker.
  4. During the mining machine custody period, we will ensure the safety of the mining machine. The name of the mining pool and miner designated by the miner will not modify the mining frequency, mining pool, miner configuration without the authorization of the user, and will not modify or upgrade the server firmware.
  5. During the custody execution period, the user should prepay the electricity fee on time before the 5th of each month. If the unpaid fee is not paid within the agreed time, JPStream has the right to stop the mining machine and have the right to use the mining machine until the miner pays off. After the fee is paid, our will resume the normal operation of the mining machine within 12 hours. If the user arrears more than 10 days, the miner will have to pay a 1% per day late fee from the 11th. The related expenses incurred by the arrears and the related losses caused by the arrears shall be borne by the user.
  6. During the miner hosting period, We will try the best to ensure the power and network connectivity for each settlement month (but due to third-party reasons, such as power and network failures caused by routine inspection, overhaul, etc. and/or force majeure of the power and communication department).
All miner come with 1 Year warranty. Miner guarantee repair directly managed by the manufacturer.

Electricity bill come with a monthly subscripton. Payment should be done in crypto currency.

Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). We accept other crypro currencies as well. Please contact your executive assistant for additional informations.

*We do not accept Paypal and credit card payment

Zen4 is located in South Asia. We do not provide any other information about location for security reason. You have the guarantee of hosting service. All our customer are protected by local and international regulations.
You can resell any miner machine you bough through us.
Yes, a special area is available inside Zen4 mining farm for hydro miner, with no extra charge.
  • For simple user the electricity cost is 14JPY/kWh (14.593JPY/kWh) tax included.
  • For *reseller partner the cost is 13JPY/kWh (13.267JPY/kWh) tax included
*Reseller is an approved person with multi-miner machine hosting. [Minimum 5 miners]
We can offer full and half rental rack. Full rack come with 70 miners. Half rack 35 miners. Please ask your executive assistant for details
No, customer have to care about their own crypto coins storage.
No, customer have to set their own crypto wallet. We do not recommend any specific crypto wallet. We let’s our customer free and responsible about their crypto wallet management. However if you have few minute take a look to Guarda Wallet at guarda.com

For additional information

Please contact your executive assistant

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