MajoCreative Kencos 4 Flavor Cartridges

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Kencos4 Flavor cartridges
Inhale flavored hydrogen gas for the first time ever.
Choose your favorite flavors
Xylitol Menthol
Vitamin Lemon
Catechin Green
Tobacco Flavor

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Enjoy flavored hydrogen
KENCOS is equipped with a unique flavor function. As hydrogen is naturally a flavorless and odorless gas, we designed this feature to allow for a more enjoyable experience when inhaling. This is completely optional and by not using the flavor mode you are causing no negative effect on the main function of hydrogen inhalation; however, this is strongly recommended as a way of inhalation due to the fact it is such an innovative technology.


The flavors are designed and produced to ensure safe inhalation. A heater inside KENCOS heats the liquid inside of the cartridge allowing for the vapors to be inhaled.

Our flavor cartridges contain only high-quality ingredients and we can guarantee that they are safe for consumption.


Five unique flavors

Xylitol Menthol
The menthol cartridge contains Industry-leading xylitol content (35mg) and can also provide oral care support. It is refreshing and minty with a cool menthol taste.

Vitamin Lemon
Contains vitamin A, B1, C and E, as well as Coenzyme Q10. A lemon flavor with a fruity citrus taste.

Catechin Green
Contains catechins and chlorophyll. This is a gentle green tea flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed. Perfect for when you need to feel refreshment before meeting someone important to you.

Tobacco Flavor
This cartridge has a smoky and sweet flavor. The smokiness can help those trying to quit smoking, whilst the pleasant sweet taste makes it suitable for anyone and not only smokers.

The cartridge contains extract of euglena, which is currently attracting the attention of many within the healthcare industry due to its potential health benefits.

Specification: MajoCreative Kencos 4 Flavor Cartridges


Xylitol Menthol, Vitamin Lemon, Catechin Green, Tobacco Flavor, Suu-glena

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