FPGA Miner

FPGA Miner

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Blackminer F1 Ultra

Blackminer F1 Ultra Stable FPGA Mining Algorithm Changeable More Popular Than Asic Miner Blackminer F1-Ultra contains 2 hashboards, which upgrades the hardware design and product structure of Black..


High Performance Computing FPGA Black Gold Development Core Board XILINX ARTIX 7 With custom datapaths and memory hierarchies, and a rich developer toolset, Xilinx FPGA accelerated applications c..


XILINX FPGA Development board SPARTAN7 DDR3 AX7050 Optional Sets Xilinx's FPGAs offer I/O optimization with the highest performance per watt Spartan-7 devices, Xilinx's addition to their cost-optimi..

Xilinx Alveo U250

Accelerator Cards That Fit Your Performance Needs The Alveo U250 offers 1.3M LUTs, 11.5k DSP slices, 64GB of DDR4 memory, dual 100Gbps network interfaces, and delivers 90x higher performance than CPU..
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