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Deal Score+12
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Deal Score+12
Start at ¥5890 per month Subscribe Now !
Green Server Series, is dedicated hosting solutions that offer superior performance and reliability. If you need complete control of your hosting environment and demand the best, our green server series have a rich feature-set that give you everything you need. 100% Network uptime. Fast Set up.

Improved Security

With single-tenancy, each customer’s data is completely isolated from other customers. As a result, one customer can’t access another’s sensitive information. Leveraging security, this structure safeguards against hacking.

Individual Upgrades

Companies that use single-tenancy architecture can upgrade their services individually. Rather than waiting for the software provider to launch a universal update, users can update their accounts as soon as the download is available. And, this doesn’t disrupt their workflow whenever they need to upgrade their software. They can choose to launch upgrades during off-hours instead of being forced to upgrade at the same time as everyone else.
Since one user’s activities can’t impact others, single-tenant architectures are considered more reliable. For example, if one client’s software experiences downtime during a tricky integration, it won’t affect another clients’ software.



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