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Doogee S89

DOOGEE S89 Pro 8+256GB 12000mAh 65W Fast Charge Super Power Toughest Rugged with Versatile Breathing Light Phone
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The Next-Gen Power Soldier

Stunning DOOGEE Eye Glowing Notification Light

The S89 Pro stands out with its glowing “DOOGEE Eye”. A message notification or incoming call illuminates the eyes. When synced with music, it displays different predetermined colourful patterns as you dance.

Customization Freedom

Break away from seeing the same light pattern by defining your own. Stand out by defining your personal design patterns. The S89 Pro allows you to personalize the light colours, display order, and display speed.

No More Power Anxiety

12000mAh Monster Battery
With a 12000mAh battery, the S89 Pro empowers you to reach for the skies. The capability to supply power for several days takes away your anxiety, allowing you to focus on your job. If you are an avid camper, long road trucker, or someone who is away from home for a long time, the S89 Pro is designed for you.

65W Ultra-Fast Charger

The 65W ultra-fast charger is built for one job, to power the gigantic 12000mAh battery. It will refill 15% of the battery in 20 minutes.

The P90 Octa-Corecessing Speed

The MediaTek P90 combines a pair of powerful Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs with six Cortex-A55 in a single octa-core cluster, which is connected to a large L3 cache accessible by all cores. The SoC combines this CPU complex with the performance-leading APU 2.0, a powerful IMG PowerVR GM 9446 GPU and a fast LPDDR4X memory controller.

Bigger Storage, Faster Memory

8GB + 256GB Memory Expandable Storage 512GB
Stay ahead of the competition with a fast 8GB LPDRR4X RAM while comfortably saving all your photos on the massive 256GB internal storage. The storage can be expanded up to 512GB using a TF card.

Powerful 64MP AI Triple Camera System

The rear triple camera setup can help you to take a variety of exciting photos no matter where you are. Capture gorgeous landscapes, extraordinary close-ups and artistic portraits.

48MP Main Camera

Capture Fun Unexpected Details Near And Far
See the world in high definition and save memories in full detail.

Light Up Your Shoots

Night Mode
Turn on the night scene mode, the night can be so beautiful.

More Nature Backlighting

Excellent HDR
With HDR mode on, even if you take a photo in a backlit scene, you can still get a photo that reflects the details of the light and dark parts.

Portrait Beauty

The S89 Pro can effortlessly capture personality and moods with powerful AI-backed background blurring tech.

Smarter Photography

AI Automatic Recognition
To improve the clarity and realism of photos, our AI camera can optimize photos according to 13 different scenes.

130° Panoramic View In One Camera

Provides Effective Insulation From Water/Dust
Say goodbye to carrying around wide-angle lens attachments.This 130° wide-angle lens allows you to capture whole landscapes in a single shot.

Explore The World Up Close

Get close to the object, zoom in the lens, S89 will take you to see the world you have never seen before.

Samsung® 16MP Front Camera

The real you is the best you. Fully optimized and more capable AI ensures every selfie comes out perfect.

SONY® IMX350 20MP Night Vision Camera

The S89 Pro comes with the SONY IMX350 night vision camera with four powerful infrared emitters. The infrared lights emitted creates a field of view around objects that are only visible to the camera, making it perfect for taking pictures and videos in low light.

6.3" FHD+ DotDisplay

The S89 Pro is equipped 6.3″ FHD+ DotDisplay with Corning Gorilla Glass, guaranteeing your screen resistance to scratches and drop, even outdoors without worrying about easy damage.

Unlock Powerful In A Flash

The side-mounted fingerprint sensor enhances the design while instantly and conveniently unlocking the S89 Pro for convenient, one-handed operation outdoors.

Extra Protective Armour

The S89 Pro is already durable, but it also comes with a case that has reinforced edges, making it virtually indestructible. And it just so happens that doing so takes the whole appearance to an entirely new degree of sophistication.

Full Waterprooftection

IP68 & IP69K Rating
The S89 Pro is IP68 and IP69K rated, which means it can withstand high water pressure and full submersion in water. It is also completely sealed against water and dust ingress.

Military Standard Compliant

According to the MIL-STD-810H standard, the S89 Pro can be dropped from a height of 1.5m unto concrete without and keep working. High pressure, high altitudes, and extreme weather do not have any effect on the S89 Pro’s performance.

Facilitate Your Life

NFC+Google Pay
With NFC, all you need is just taking one phone, shopping, accessing, paying and the NFC.

Android 12.0

More Personal, Safe, & Effortless
Runs Android 12 OS out of the box with a newly rethought user interface, from shapes, light, and motion while allowing you greater freedom of personalization. The OS feels more alive, dynamic, and personal.

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Doogee S89
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